Joshua Ketchmark Releases His Audience

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Joshua Ketchmark Releases His Audience Joshua Ketchmark hits the mark with audiences by making his songs personal. The deep connection he shares with his crowd is intimate and respected. He feels a natural bond with his listeners and appreciates their input in all stages of a song’s production. When the stage lights go on his natural instincts come into play which draws in people passing by. He knows when to flick the internal musical switch without planning out the live show. Ketchmark is preparing to release an E.P. with a whole new appeal. All the same universal themes will be on the album, but none of the songs were topics he intended to write about. “The new material is steering in a different direction. I have always considered myself to have this pop kind of thing, but I still have my darker emotions. The E.P. leans more on the darker side then the lighter side,” Joshua remarks. The track titled “Count Your Blessings” personally plays out in an interesting way according to the musician. “The approach to the E.P. is a little different twist; we will se how it fits in for the long run,” Ketchmark says. He especially appreciates when other people are able to hear a demo and they relate the piece to their personal experiences without revealing his original purpose. The E.P. will be available on every site from iTunes to Amazon as List of Regrets is also available these sites. Southern rock is in his nature. A friend will likely collaborate with Ketchmark to team-up to do a half of dozen dates in Northern California and possibly even as far as Oregon. Joshua and one his of his Nashvillian comrades have also discussed an acoustic set allowing them to pile into his friend’s van and simply play stripped down versions of his so... ... middle of paper ... ...ilateral hit amongst his listeners is “Everything.” Joshua clarifies, “We shot the video for ‘Everything’ at The Roxy and a lot of people they like the verses and the chorus. Everyone seems to find their own little thing about the record which I think is kind of cool.” List of regrets was not written to be a record. The record reflects originality while his live set displays his skill as a musician who can play in any setting. He finds returning to a record’s fundamentals or going acoustic allows him to let the music lead him toward the twists in his own journey. Music City continues to be a haven for singer/songwriters and Ketchmark is no expectation-his bond to Nashville always pulls him back to the basics. Accessible acoustic sets permit him to estimate what the full version will lead people to possibly think which is a good formula for successful songwriting.

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