Cell Phones Photons Our Lives Essay

Cell Phones Photons Our Lives Essay

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Cell phones posses our lives. As of 2012, 82 percent of American teens, ages 16-17, own a cell phone (“DWI: Driving While Intexticated”). This statistic does not include the 90 percent of American adults (“Mobile Technology Fact Sheet”), and the 56 percent of children ages eight to twelve that own a cell phone (“Kids Wireless Use Facts”). Second graders on up now own a phone. The fact second graders own cell phones is beyond me. A second grader should play outside, construct forts out of blankets, and play with Barbies. I never sat around on an electronic device and rot my brain on social media, and I did not text my friends; I actually saw them, face-to-face. There is no need for little kids to obtain cell phones. Giving a child a cell phone only generates an attachment as they grow up, and they lose etiquette. Kids and adults alike do not know the appropriate time to use their cell phones and social media on them.
One inappropriate time to pull out a cell phone is during a conversation. Let me enlighten on the word conversation. According to Merriam-Webster, the word conversation means, “oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas” (“Conversation”). This means...
--Hold on, I received a text message.--
...devoting time and attention to the person or group that is conversing, not texting or playing around on a cell phone. It’s nice to know whatever is being discussed is not important enough to fully listen to, and attention is elsewhere. For instance, when someone tells their friends about a recent life crisis, they want them to listen and help. When their noses stick themselves to their screen, it is discouraging. It leads a person into thinking, Am I really that uninteresting?
A really hilarious habit people...

... middle of paper ...

...ng they only text at a red light or stop sign, they hold the phone closer to the windshield for better visibility, and they increase following distance (“DWI: Texting While Intexticated”)-- What? No matter the circumstance our eyes diverge from the road when we receive a Snapchat or text message, and those few seconds is all it takes to wind-up in a ditch or smashed against another vehicle or object because texting while driving makes a car crash 23 times more likely (“11 Facts about Texting and Driving). For some odd reason our hands still find their way to our devices.
Several people don’t know when and where it is appropriate to use their cell phones and social media. Stuck to their devices, people disregard manners, and at times risk other’s lives. Cell phones remain a precious way for our society to stay connected, but they continue to become an etiquette issue.

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