Essay on Causes of World War Two

Essay on Causes of World War Two

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When historians and common people alike look back at the Second World War, one person stands out among all of the people who had a part, Adolf Hitler. His atrocities and crimes are well documented across the world but one question which has many people puzzled is, why did the people of Germany support Hitler and his Nazi regime? Also how much were the German people to blame for the events that occurred during the National Socialist Party’s regime? Were they just to blame as Hitler himself or did they have no fault in what was going on? According to Gotz Aly and his book, Hitler's Beneficiaries, the answerz to the former question is simpler that one might think. According to Aly, Hitler simply brought his peoples consent. This sole statement however dramatically simplifies the whole matter. The situation is much more complex. I will examine this question and show how Hitler was able to gain the support of his people through generous social programs, high wages, and keeping the morale of the people at a high. I will also discuss how these evens transpired at a time when the country of Germany was destroyed and battered after World War I and how it is not possible for the German people to either be blamed or be free of blame.
The government of Germany during World War I had waged and lost the war. The consequences of this war were tremendous and are crucial in understanding why the people of Germany at the time supported Hitler and his regime. The economy of Germany was destroyed after the war due to many different reasons. The Treaty Of Versailles had saddled Germany with responsibility for starting the war and thus Germany had to pay reparations. This led to heavy taxation on the people and gave no chance for th...

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... a long time and attempt to place themselves in the shoes of the German people, ultimately it is impossible to know what one might have done in that situation.

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