The German Community during the Hitler Reign

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The German Community during the Hitler Reign

In the time leading up to and during Hitler’s reign in Germany, German citizens felt the impacts of the political as well as the economic situation of the country. These conditions in Germany led to the building of the Nazi party and to the Holocaust. The new government headed by Adolf Hitler changed the life of all Germans whether they joined the Nazi party themselves or opposed the ideas of Hitler or aided Jews to fight the persecution they suffered under this government.

In 1929, Germany was in a very poor state economically. The stock market crash and depression in the United States had spread world wide, and Germany felt a large portion of the blow. The debts from World War I had begun the economic crisis, but the depression only added to the problem. At that point in time, Germany was plagued with high inflation, and the value of the German mar was on the decline. Bread lines formed because of the food shortage leaving many people to go hungry.

This economic state is one of the driving forces behind the successful takeover of the German state by the Nazi party. In Germany there was vast unemployment causing great hunger and despair throughout the country. At this point a charismatic leader entered the scene. He was a man who could make the Germans again feel nationalistic pride and hope in a better future. His name was Adolf Hitler. His message of hope combined with weak and decided left wing parties created the perfect situation for the Nazi party to be elected into office. Another favorable quality of Hitler's Nazi party was that it provided for the country a scapegoat for all problems, the Jewish people.

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...erman nation during the Nazi era was misled and even brainwashed. From the way this dictatorship trained the children in school for war and hate, to the way it convinced its people that they ere the master race, Hitler created a population of followers who did not see the truth in his actions.

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