Cause And Effect Of Allergies Essay

Cause And Effect Of Allergies Essay

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My research is going to be based on what is the cause of the increase in allergies over the last decades. Allergies are when a person’s immune system reacts against what thinks is a threat to the body. These substances can be such as food, pollen, or house dust mite. The question is why is it increasing. According to many studies done over the last decades, some these factors can be due genetics, changes the in the food we eat, changes on how we are exposed to food, and the hygiene hypothesis. Data collected estimates that 15 million people in the U.S. suffer from allergies, 4% adults, and 8% children. These percentages are high, so what can we do to decrease the number of allergies in adults and children.
First, I’ll be discussing how allergies occur within out bodies. Our bodies make an antibody known as immunoglobulin E or IgE. When this antibody censors a threat to the body it activates and travels to the specific cells, which then causes them to discharge certain chemicals. The chemical released is what causes the allergic manifestations.
Based on my research the few causes that have been linked to the increase in allergies over the last decades are genetics. When an offspring is born into a family with a history of allergies, it has a higher than average chance of having allergies. If the father and mother have allergies, their children have a 60 to 80 percent risk of developing allergies. On the other hand, if only the mother has an allergy the risk is doubled. In a recent research at Johns Hopkins Children center and John Hopkins institute of Genetic Medicine is was stated that they found the same mutation found in Marfan and Loeys-Dietz disease that causes immune changes responsible for allergies. Genetics might be respo...

... middle of paper ... avoided by cleaning your house, washing your clothes after being outdoors, avoid smoking, using natural cleaning products, using a mask when gardening or taking over the counter allergy medicine.
My analysis concludes that many factors contribute to the increase of allergies such as genetics, clean lifestyle, the foods we eat, and our environment. Many things can be done to decrease the number of allergies in our population such as eating more organic food, fewer process foods. Introduce our children to more foods at an infant stage. The theory that I agree with that most is that we have too much of a clean lifestyle and we are not being exposed to microorganisms. On the other hand is better to be clean than to have the deadly diseases. Hopefully in the years to come scientist have a better understanding of allergies and can prevent this hypersensitivity response.

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