Informative Speech On Food Allergies

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A recent study in 2015 reports that over 15 million people in America have food allergies that is 1 in every 13 people under the age of 18. Making it very likely that somebody in this room is part of these 15 million American’s who have food allergies. If you are somebody who has food allergies, or you know of someone who has food allergies, this speech will help you better understand more about food allergies, so you can deal with food allergies and more importantly be more careful around other people who do. So today, I am going to be informing you about Food allergies. I chose this topic because it is something I knew of and have seen before, but never really knew much about it. To make sure what I’m going to be telling you today is true, I looked at many different sites that were about food allergies and looked into them, I only went to sites that were recent, copyrighted, and seemed accurate. I also compared the sites to one another to see if the information was accurate. First, I will talk about what causes food allergies and what it is Second, what effect food allergies can have on a person’s body Finally, what steps someone can take, to better deal with food allergies First, “What are food allergies”? , food allergies are when the body overreacts and become highly sensitive to …show more content…

First the most simple and important step to take is let others know about your allergies, like your friends, family, and doctors. Another step is being extra careful about avoiding foods you eat and are around. It’ll also help to check all food labels and keep track of all the foods you eat throughout your day. Along with letting others know about your food allergy, sometimes when a doctor knows about your allergy he will prescribe a shot or some medicine to carry around with you just in case. Although there is no cure for food allergies to this day, there are alternatives that help people to deal with

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