Case Study : ' Mini Case Studies Essay

Case Study : ' Mini Case Studies Essay

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Write 2 mini case studies. One should recount an effective coaching or counseling situation. The other recount an ineffective coaching or counseling situation. The case should be based on a real event, either from your own personal experience or from the experience of someone you know well. Use principles of supportive communication and listening in your cases.
Case 1 Effective Situation
I can vividly remember back when I was on the High school tennis team at 17 years old, going from school to school and competing at high temperatures. A leisure sport but also an intense sport especially in a competitive age. I remember talking with my coach, also my math calculus teacher, about how to improve my game. My first year playing tennis with a year experience and lots of competition seemed like an uphill battle from the start. My coach knew that I had talent but I needed advice in order to improve. My coach actively voiced his concerns in hopes that I would listen and avoid those mistakes to which I did, but at a very slow pace. He coached using a congruent tone and so I knew what he wanted me to know. This is important because congruency is important when trying to get your point across with little to no ambiguity. There is no room for misinterpretation or uncertainty of what is expected. My coach named Mr. Nguyen used many attributes of supportive communication to help me improve as a tennis player. Although I lost many times while I played, I remember my coach would not evaluate what happened and instead he would try to be descriptive as to how these problems can be improved. He also was specific to the issue or topic that practice was about. I began to understand the areas I needed to improve also because my coach would be problem...

... middle of paper ... effectively is just as important as effectively listening to someone voice their thoughts. It is very important to understand that in everyday communication we are either the speaker or listener and it’s important that we do those jobs as best we can in order to have a healthy communication relationship. This activity was very useful because I got to reflect on my past successes and failures in my communicating strategies and in doing so I can improve and adapt to become a better communicator and listener. I believe that this assignment is very useful because it is real life experiences that may occur again and I can better assess the situation and use the appropriate communicating strategy necessary. This reflection will help me in my personal development by giving me situational experience that I will be able to correctly approach in and out of the workplace.

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