Essay on Career Profile: Engineering

Essay on Career Profile: Engineering

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By mixing scientific, economic, and social knowledge, we develop a disciplined art form of an occupation. All of this applied knowledge is needed in order to build devices and mechanical systems to improve the lives of people. A career in the department of engineering consists of practicing the scientific principles in order to meet social and consumer needs. Engineers develop efficient solutions to technical problems. There exist different branches that stem out and create detailed tasks for each component of engineering. The reason for choosing a specific career in engineering, such as chemical, electrical, civil, or mechanical is to have a lucrative and intellectually challenging profession in the private sectors. The broad range in particular areas of technology to work with is made possible by this field.
A branch that deals directly with the application of physical science is chemical engineering. The goal in this profession is to convert raw materials or chemicals into a more useful form for society. Sample workings of chemical engineers consist of nanotechnology and fuel cells. Production at a large scale is made possible by these specific engineers since they design, maintain, and improve the process. With chemical engineers reorganizing the structure of molecules, they design chemical processes that can alter raw materials. Paper mills, manufacturers of fertilizers, and tons of other kinds of firms will be looking for their expertise. Chemical engineers have been creating their own innovation using their knowledge of chemistry, physics and mathematics to create, carry out, and mass produce their ideas (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Chemical engineers increase our nation's economic status by coming up with new ideas in ...

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...fession in the private sectors. A cup can be either half full or half empty depending on the attitude of the viewer. In the thoughts of an engineer, it is twice as big as it needs to be. By mixing scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge, we develop all the many branches of engineering. A career in the department of engineering consists of practicing the scientific principles in order to meet social and consumer needs. This profession will continue to grow and develop along with society.

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