Career Choice to Be a Secondary Social Studies Teacher Essay

Career Choice to Be a Secondary Social Studies Teacher Essay

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I want to be a secondary social studies teacher. Two people really had an influence on this decision. The first would be my history teacher Mr. Nicol because he has shown me that you can be a Christian and a teacher if you balance them out right. My friend Amanda was the other influence because we were talking about what I’m passionate about which was history. She then suggested teaching it and I loved the idea because I knew I’d enjoy it. This includes teaching students the required information by giving them the environment and tools they need to acquire it. If this doesn’t work out then my Plan B would be a preschool/kindergarten teacher because I’d still be involved with kids and teaching.
In order to be a secondary social studies teacher there are a few requirements that need to be met. It varies according to state but all teachers need a bachelor’s degree. Also to be a teacher I need to complete a four year college with a major in social studies. A completed and approved teacher education program with written a number of subject and education credits and a supervised practiced teaching is required too. My high school GPA in high school needs to be at least a 3.5.
I’m taken classes now that fit this career. Teacher Academy is one of them because it deals with information to be a successful teacher and AP European History which is a higher level of history which is what I want to major in. The only extra curricular activity I’m involved with is my church youth group. I thoroughly enjoy going to this every Wednesday and Sunday. There are several types of volunteer work that I’m doing including Circle of Friends here at the High School, helping out with elementary activities and my church with the younger kids. ...

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...for the rest of their life so if I mess up it could harm their future.
My first career choice is a secondary social studies teacher. I’m passionate about helping people and about history and therefore I feel this career would best fit me. The salary isn’t bad and I know my job is always going to be needed because each day is apart of history. Although there are some negatives of this career the positives take those away. However if I fail to pursue this career for some reason I will resort to being a preschool/kindergarten teacher. New generations are born each day and most children will be put into early schooling even if they don’t make it through to graduation. It will still include helping others too which is a big plus. Either way I will be happy with the career because it involves children, helping others, and making a difference in someone’s life.

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