Essay about Career And Professional Development Goals

Essay about Career And Professional Development Goals

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Work Philosophy/Beliefs

My philosophy is to be kind, considerate and respectful in the workplace. Every team member is a link in the chain, and is to be treated as you wish for yourself to be treated. It is my belief that one should always act professional and be organized.

What drives me is knowing the experience I will gain when pushed on projects. Knowing that I can always be a better version of myself, that that there is always going to be room for improvement. It is important to be reliable and focused in every situation, even when everything is against you. There is always a silver-lining to be found, and knowledge to be gained.

Being a decisive problem solver is the key to a strong leader, and that is an asset to any work environment. Knowing even in the worst circumstances, being a good leader can be the deciding factor in whether a project is finished in-time or late.

Career and Professional Development Goals

Within the next two years I would like to have begun, and be thriving in, my career as a beauty advisor. I will be aiming to work at a specific counter, in either the cosmetic department or fragrances. This retail experience is an ideal stepping stone towards my own personal career goal of being an independent, and successful, makeup artist.

I would also like to continue being a freelance makeup artist on the side because I love working with and experiencing new people. Freelance work allows me to do various different jobs, ranging from creative and special effects, to bridal and beauty photoshoots. This large job spectrum would keep me on my toes and allow me to grow, and gain experience, in multiple different areas. This range, from glam to gore, is something I am very passionate...

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- Well versed in the industry with knowledge of new products and trends

Volunteer Work International Makeup Artist Trade Show, for Jordane Cosmetics, September 2015
- Suggestion selling, and cross promoting
- Finalized sales by cash, debit and credit
- Restocked and organized products
- Disassembled booth

The National Woman’s Show, for Jordane Cosmetics/Crown Brush, November 2015
- Assisted customers find their desired products
- Mini makeovers for customers
- Finalized sales
- Disassembled booth

Extra-Curricular - Inverness Certification for Nose and Ear piercings
- Tattoo for a Toonie event working with Look Good Feel Better Foundation though Seneca College
- Competed in a competition between two teams, and lead the winning team to create an event that was taken to store level

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