Capitalism Is A Social Economic System Essay

Capitalism Is A Social Economic System Essay

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Capitalism is a social economic system which recognizes individual rights, including property rights where all properties are privately owned, and the US economy is a capitalist economy. The capitalistic view is the sense of ownership of the thing that has some kind of economic benefit for the owners. Native Indian American world view is the sense of spirituality, connection with the land, land can provide healing, a sense of obligation to the land, and a sense of permanence. The two opposing view is in conflict for hundreds of years in the USA and that caused lots of bloodsheds, and now the native Americans are at the point of almost non-existence. The force of capitalism destroyed anything that is Native American or their belief came into its way. Such example we have seen over and over again throughout the US history.
Industrial capitalism always puts the economic value on everything it could. For the Native American, protecting the land is way more important and valuable than just some economical benefit. Native American people are the one who takes care of the land by prayer, meditation, and ceremony. White America never really understood the point of preserving something sacred which value cannot be measured by a simple price tag. They understand the language of capitalism, buy and sell thing with little to no regard of spiritual connection to sacred things. They just care about having a good paying job and having a good time. For instance, Hopi people believe that the area around the San Francisco peak represents the home of the "Kachina spirit", the bringers of the rain. There are lots of the Hopi shrines in that area, the pilgrimages go there and offer their prayer. Therefore, that place is much more important and mo...

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...ritual identity, and their life is designed around that identity. We must understate that the value of something sacred cannot be quantified by a price tag. On the other hand, the industrial capitalist mind always busy to find a way to put a price tag on everything possible thing. Capitalism is an industrial and economic force that destroy anything stands its path, does not matter if that is something sacred to somebody unless they see any economic benefit in it.
Native Americans are the biggest victim of Capitalism in this country. The force of Capitalism has destroyed almost everything that came into its way. Capitalism always measured the worth of something by its economic potentials but failed to recognize that love, care, affection for something sacred cannot be valued by a price tag. Another way of saying you cannot to put a price that on someone 's feeling.

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