Canadians Must Be Independent from the United States in Order to Improve Canadian Society

Canadians Must Be Independent from the United States in Order to Improve Canadian Society

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Every country on this Earth has to have its own independence in order to progress, and be able to survive on its own without the help of others. But there will always be times when that country needs the help of its neighbors but to an extent. It is very important for Canada as a growing country to stop relying on the U.S and increase trade with other countries and giving them whatever they want, stop putting decisions in the palms of the U.S, and establish our own defenses. Canadians have always been seen as diverse and independent. If Canadians keep following the ideas of the U.S, Canadians do not deserve that title because Canadians are not being independent.
When the U.S asks for something from Canadians, they always seem to get it like with what happened in INCO. Canadians have to establish rules and boundaries and stop giving them everything. When Canadian corporations reach an income of $5,000,000 a year, they are sometimes bought by the U.S (Stats Can, 2006) and this should not occur because these are companies that Canadians have worked too hard for to just give away. INCO was one of Canada’s biggest nickel producers in between 1936 to 1998 ( It was bought by an American company. Companies that we create and that bring our country success should not be bought by the U.S; these are the companies we should work towards and keep, not give away. With the INCO issue, it is clear to see that Canada needs to establish newer rules. Canadians have to reconsider what our strategy is because there are other countries that need our business more than the U.S
America is always in control because Canada and Mexico are regulated to the status of their political and economic colonies. When it comes down to the decision making, the U.S...

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...pportunity to take advantage of us. Being similar to the U.S is not terrible because they are usually successful in what they do even if it does not involve doing the right thing. But with the title of multicultural comes the responsibility of being the country we are known to be. If Canadians continue to follow in the footsteps of the U.S we will lose what we have been building up for so many years and will not be as well respected as we are now. In order for Canadians to keep the successful title they have as independent, multicultural and accepting, we have to the time to associate with other countries and increase trade with them and have our own line of defense even if it takes time. Overall, it is important to know that America is not the only country that can give us what we need and it would be good for Canadians be what they are known as; independent.

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