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The 1920's and into the 1930's was when Canada began to be more indepenant by slowly cutting ties with Britian, but lost its new found indepence by being swayed by America. Canada was influenced with its inventions, cultural trends, and economics. Canada adopted many of America's inventions into their homes, along with their cultural trends through entertainment and way of life. Also, Canada was economically dependent on America. Overall, Canada was influenced throughout the 1920's that by 1929, Canada became very similar to America.

With the good times of the 1920's, came the most astouding number of consumer inventions Canada had ever seen. From 1923 to 1929, many Canadians had full-time jobs and regular paychecks. And with the growing amount of media advertising, Canadians were swepted away with the amount of flyers and catalouges filled with new products to buy and enjoy. Though some were invented by Canadians, most came from America. Inventions such as; the Refridgerator, Air Conditioner, Washing Machine and the pop-up toaster, were in thousands of Canadian homes by 1929. As stated by Bill Bryson, “[Americans] were, for one thing, so smitten with the idea of progress that they invented things without having any idea whether those things would be of any use.” Americans invented so many things during the Booming 20's, that Canadians wee overwhelmed, but one invention revolutionized Canada forever, the automobile. The automobile was huge success in Canada, not only commerically, but its commerical mass production on assembly lines generated hundreds of jobs with good living salaries. By 1929, a large amount of Canadians families owned an automobile and close to 600 000 kilometres of roads were paved within Canada. The American...

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...oss national product dropped 40%, 30% of the labour force was out of work, one fifth of the population became dependent on government assistance and wages fell. The close trade bonds and economic reliancy made Canada go into a downward spiral of economic distress.

In conclusion, Canada was influenced throughout the 1920's by America, that by 1929 Canada became very similar to America in social trends, economics and produce. But has this stopped in modern day era? Canada continues to be heavily influenced by the amount of American products and media outpouring into Canada. Canada has made attempts throughout time to impede the onslaught of American invasion but American invasion is seen on a huge global scale. Hit movies, tv shows, products among others are generally based on American culture, views, or based within American domain. It is a reign yet to be stopped.
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