The Confederation Act of 1867

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The Confederation act of 1867 without question has had a major influence on the status of contemporary Canada. It has helped shape Canada into one of the worlds most politically and economically powerful countries; a country that is strong, independent, and united. There was a series of events which led to the confederation of Canada, some which are more significant than others. However, I believe that despite the significance of events such as the British encouragement of uniting its North American colonies, the central and key reason for confederation was the fear of potential American (Yankee) inhabitance (whether by persuasion or invasion) of the divided and vast British North American colonies, and the way that the “Fathers of Confederation” were able to take advantage of this situation and persuade reluctant colonies to join Confederation. A strong and united nation could not be easily invaded or bought. These essential factors will be discussed in the paragraphs to come. Tensions between British North America and the Yankees were initiated during the American Revolution of 1776. After winning their independence and freedom from British rule, America broke all ties and relations with the British and their colonies, which now resided only in Canada. Nearly a century later, and event took place which dramatically assisted in the Confederation of Canada: The American Civil War. The United States was a union of several states under the rule of the federal government, however, under the United States Constitution the government was weak and the states were strong. Soon, eleven southern states declared their own independence from the union and began to build their own armies; the United States government was incapable ... ... middle of paper ... ...“Fathers of the Confederation” putting aside their differences in order to fulfill their common dream of unifying the British North American colonies for the greater good of the nation. There was a strong appeal of nation building among the inhabitants of Canada at the time. As well, there was the unsuccessful Fenain Raids involving Irish troops storming Canada which also invoked fear among British North Americans. Currently, Canada remains the world’s second largest country, full of vast and rich resources from all corners of the nation. None of the accomplishments and achievements that Canada has made to date would have been possible without Confederation. Without intense pressure from the Americans, and without the common goal that a few men shared of unifying a country, Canada would not be the strong, free, independent and united nation that it is today.

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  • Opines that the confederation act of 1867 has had a major influence on the status of contemporary canada.
  • Explains that tensions between british north america and the yankees were initiated during the american revolution of 1776.
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