Essay on Can Science And Religion Peacefully Coexist?

Essay on Can Science And Religion Peacefully Coexist?

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Can Science and Religion Peacefully Coexist?
The age of Enlightenment included a broad scope of intellectual ideas based on reason as the primary source of legitimacy during the eighteenth century. Ideals such as liberty, tolerance, constitutional government, and the separation of church and state were introduced and progressed. The age of enlightenment was preceded by and closely related to the scientific revolution. Scientific discoveries challenged the traditional thought patterns about the world. Galileo, an Italian mathematician and philosopher, played a major role in the scientific revolution around the seventeenth century. Galileo firmly believed one could accept the teachings of the bible and new scientific discoveries simultaneously. The church, however, was unwilling to accept new ideas in fear of science changing their whole belief system. The letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany written in 1615 was Galileo’s attempt to resolve the tension between he and the church; his letter intended to sway people who doubted science towards becoming receptive about new discoveries.
In the seventeenth century, religion was imperative for common citizens because it was a vital aspect of their everyday life. In ancient Europe, the church held a great deal of political power—there was no liberty in matters of religion. When the scientific revolution originated, the church was reluctant to this progression. As a mathematician and philosopher, Galileo studied the relationship between religion and science, describing the coexistence as one of harmony. Moreover, in his open letter to the Duchess Christina, Galileo emphasized science and religion as fundamentally separate forms of knowledge and aspects of life. While religion ...

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...ervations when conducting experiments. This radical approach to knowledge fueled advancements in anatomy, medicine, biology and chemistry.
In conclusion, without scientific advancements during the Enlightenment, modern day society would precisely not be where and what it is today. Science has had a major impact on society—science and technology has drastically changed the means of communication, medicine, and the quality of life itself. Science has altered how human beings live; by making life easier, science has given humans the opportunity to improve societal concerns such as ethics, education and justice. Perhaps if it wasn’t for the deviant great thinkers of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, humans would still be trapped in the era of no progression—the very technological and scientific necessities we rely on today, simply would not exist. (772)

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