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For this essay I will be looking at the work of Hans Zimmer to discuss how music in film engages the viewer and evokes emotion and pulls the viewer toward the film. Hans Zimmer is a German born music composer. Hans Zimmer’s love of music stems from his childhood when he learned how to play various instruments. Before Zimmer began composing music for films he was in a well-known band. The band was called The Buggles whom were famous for their song Video Killed the Radio Star. After the Buggles Zimmer played in other bands but never had another hit. As Zimmer has progressed as a film composer so has his list of nominations and awards. Zimmer has won 4 Grammy Awards and 2 Golden Globes and many more for his outstanding film scores. The reason I chose to write this essay on Zimmer was that his genres and music score are extremely versatile ranging from animations to comedy to dark thrillers. This is important to highlight as it shows Zimmer can create almost any atmosphere with his music whether it be sad or creating tension that all cause us to engage with the film. Zimmer's use of themes and introduction of different instruments allowed him to create these wonderful engaging film score. In this essay I will look at three films by Hans Zimmer these are The Holiday Rush and Rain Man.

The Holiday is a festive and romantic comedy which is different from the work generally associated with Zimmer such as Inception or the Dark Knight as the score in The Holiday is much lighter and less intense. The Holiday shows a much more sensitive side to Zimmer and proves his flexibility when it comes to movie genres. The Holiday tells the story of two women who are played by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. Both women are extremely unhappy in their li...

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...usic in film has an intensified power to affect the viewer and can cause us to engage with meaning and responses without knowing it. I looked at three films that Hans Zimmer has scored each film being made years apart and based on different story lines. Although the genres of all three films where different each film score was used to achieve the same thing. Each film score was the reason the films had an emotional impact. The motifs in all three films where identifiers for the viewers and allowed them to understand the meaning of the films. Zimmer understands the score needs to pull the viewer towards responses as the image on screen is not always able to do this. Zimmer is an amazing composer and can write film scores for any film and use the score to suggest the central meaning of the film. Zimmer’s versatility can also be seen as he can score films of any genre.

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