The Campus Abstinence Movement And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom Essay examples

The Campus Abstinence Movement And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom Essay examples

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When a leader of the campus abstinence movement and a well-known blogger on sex start a public debate on their modern view of the women’s sexuality and what it means for a woman to be free, it is certain that the points risen will be interesting, to say the least. However, whereas Harvard students, Janie Fredell and Lena Chen, saw their own point of view as the absolute truth with no room for any gray zones, Leslie Bell, a psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in psychoanalytic sociology from the University of California, Berkley, walks through the lives of two women in her astounding book, Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom. Both women have adopted different lifestyles as to how they choose to experience their sexual life and they manage to not only see these gray zones but to actually explore them. The real-life examples and stories stated give the audience a perspective that the truth in this public debate can probably be found somewhere in the middle. The two models Bell discusses, “the Sexual Woman” and “the Relational Woman” (Page 29), seem to have a lot in common, despite their opposing lifestyle choices and flaws. Through the journey of Jayanthi and Alicia, the audience witnesses how women make use of their sexual freedom in the modern day by their attempts to escape and rebel against their cultural norms, which prominently effects their lives. It is apparent that rebellion against the cultural norms can dictate a person’s choices in life, therefore, molding their identity.
The first archetype Bell explores is that of “the Sexual Woman” through the use of “the bad girl strategy” (Page 31). This strategy refers to women who, whether consciously, are inclined to use the “strategies of desire” (Pa...

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...unds and hardships, but also help her keep distant from her family of origin.
As the author, Leslie Bell, describes both women in her book, the readers can easily reason that the rebellion against the cultural norms plays a very important role in the construction of identity. Jayanthi, in an attempt to escape the strict tradition imposed by her religious Hindu family, incorporated a lifestyle of sexual freedom that shaped her identity while Alicia’s need to rebel against her cultural norms defined her major life decisions. Hence, as different as their life styles are, the common ground in both cases is that both women acted out of the desire to escape the norm of their culture and they both made it their life’s goal to do so. Their desire for this “bad girl” and “good girl” rebellion was so intense that it defined their actions and therefore, molded their identity.

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