Jasper Jones Racism Quotes

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Craig Silvey’s Jasper Jones is a powerful text, conveying ideas that protest against the social norm of the 1960’s. Protagonist Charlie Bucktin is a teenager living in the small Australian town of Corrigan in 1965. His daily routine is somewhat interrupted by the intrusion of Jasper Jones – the town’s scapegoat – knocking at his window. Together, they attempt to solve the murder of Laura Wishart, a young teenager found hanging in Jasper’s secret hideout. Is this a sinister end for Laura or is Jasper being set up? Jasper Jones, by Craig Silvey, demonstrates that fictional stories not only have the power to move the reader emotionally and physically, but also to change the way the reader sees humanity by delving into issues such as racism, condemnation and the unknown.…show more content…
Through the use of characterisation, Silvey has forced the reader to view the aftermath of racist attacks from the victim’s point of view. The attack on Jeffrey Lou’s family is one such example. “An Lou doesn’t fall when they hit him in the face. He holds his arms out, but they grab him and pull him and keep hitting him. In the body and in the face.” The Lou family, who are Vietnamese, are targeted for the loss of a white Corrigan male’s job, whilst An kept his. Silvey attempts to invoke emotions of anger and rage by showing the reader this attack, and therefore discouraging racism. A fictional text like Jasper Jones has the power to move a reader and invoke physical and emotional change in the reader’s
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