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The California Development Of Education Essay

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Mia is a fun loving five year old girl that likes frozen and plays well with other children. She currently attends transitional kindergarten and looks forward to attending school every day. My observation of Mia took place at her grandma’s house and the store. During the observation, she would interact with her mother, aunt and mention her little sister. Mia social and emotional development still needs improvements when interacting with her parents and other caretakers but when interacting with her teacher and peers will behavior properly

The California Development of Education (CDE) developed a foundation focusing on the child social- emotional development to determine the child readiness for school. Social, emotional, cognitive, and motivational development is very important in the child future success in education. (p. 1 PLF, V1) The main purpose of the CDE foundation was to determine the most common developmental differences among children between 48 and 60 months. Even though the children were different ages, they had similar themes in the social- emotional development. (p. 2 PLF, V1)

The foundations of social-emotional development is divided into three categories self, social interaction, and relationships. Self has five different sub-categories self –awareness, self-regulation, social and emotional understanding, empathy and caring and initiative and learning. (p.xii, PLF, V1) Self- awareness is when the child will compare their characteristics and abilities with other children. (p. 6 PLF, V1) For example, Mia understands her sister does not have the same characteristic and abilities like her. Mia said, “Lucy doesn’t know how to open it but I know how to open it.” Mia is referring to her little sister named Lucy and...

... middle of paper ... at the level of developing because Mia had mention Bella is my friend.

This particular child observation required two types of observation methods DRDP with an anecdotal records. The DRDP required more detail and personal information about child such as the birthdate and other spoken languages the child speaks. The DRDP required the observer to know the child at personal level because the DRDP had a total of 12 measures and all 12 measure could not be observed within one hour and limited space to write down notes and comments. The anecdotal record was easy to use and I was able to analyze the child and write down the comments. The only problem I had with the anecdotal record was I could not apply all 12 measures of the DRDP. The DRDP is more suitable for teachers or primary educators that know the child very well and the anecdotal record could be used by anyone

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