Business Strategies For Small Business Owners Essay examples

Business Strategies For Small Business Owners Essay examples

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Problem Statement
In the United States, there are over 18,000 companies with revenues of $35 billion combined. Most of this revenue is from companies that have over 60 accounting firms. The profitability of these firms depends on the market (First Research, 2014). In reviewing the literature on Small business owners, I would say that the business strategies are different in large companies than small business owners. Specifically, financial planners are trained to provide planning services. The training is rigorous and focused on technical expertise but does not include marketing techniques or business operations. According to Luca & Cazan (2011), individuals who attempt to start a business without sufficient skills suffer a high risk of failure.
The increased in competitive markets comes from the use of going global and the various types of products that are available to customers. Small business owners should create opportunities regarding investing and seeking the help from a financial planning advice. Furthermore, owners can also use the free online tools to develop strategies to help small business owners to establish and maintain their position in the industry (Small Business Administration, 2014).
The financial services industry is growing regarding profits that are an important tool as it relates to the demand for financial planning and investment advice (First Research, 2014). The main industry focus is to improve the growth of the small business over the next five years, in the development for the growth in the financial services to create opportunities to help small business financial planning firms. Individuals who are considering creating businesses may benefit from an understanding of strategies that others used ...

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...hip that exists small business owners and corporations. These two firms share an interconnection for success and display various types of qualitative inquiry; phenomenology and ethnography.
The methodology includes the sampling of 20 business owners and the approach to describe the concepts of the phenomenon that exist with small business owners. I would think that the best approach is the experience of these business owners. In this study, I will display the phenomenological approach in reducing financial burdens of small business owners (Creswell, 2013).
Possible Types and Sources of Data
The possible types of data and resources are presented in the problem statement concerning the various research stages. According to Creswell (2013) interviews, developing surveys, measuring, and using the observation methods are important to the literature review of this study.

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