Essay on Business Models Of Digital Products

Essay on Business Models Of Digital Products

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He made sure that they had a fresh copy of the day’s paper to read while he chauffeured them around. He offered them a fresh cup of hot chocolate or a bottle of water. Carried their luggage in and out for them. Within no time at all he quadrupled his income and was so busy you could only get him by appointment a week or two in advanced.

I read a similar concept in a children’s book about a lemonade stand too. Apply principles of making yourself a big fish if your hearts desire rests within the service industry.

Digital Products: These are semi-tangible goods as they exist in digital form.

Strengths: There are many business models that digital products are highly compatible with and it can give several different ways, very quickly, that people can access your message.

You can create these anywhere, any time and they are the easiest and cheapest to create. The only thing you have to investing is your time in creating your product... and even that can be outsourced if you have some money to spare. You can spend money on tools and premium products (which I prefer doing) or just use free-ware to do the job.

You only have to make a digital product once and then each time they are purchased they are automatically reproduced, which gives them an unlimited income potential.

You get to keep nearly100% of the sale as income since there are no inventory (minus credit card processing fees for it). If you want to update your product simply make the change, re-upload it and you now have “Version 2.0” as a sales feature.

Weakness: The downfall is that there’s a slightly less perceived value than many of their physical counterparts. Also there is a higher potential for piracy here.

Thoughts: To me piracy is another way for people to learn...

... middle of paper ...

... intro, outro, or background music this is the resource I use when I don’t have a talented colleague around.

More of an FYI kind of a thing, from the writing phase all the way through having a completed couple hour audio product takes me about a week if I go for top quality, a lot of editing, and do everything myself. A day or two for scripting, one to record, and a couple more to edit. Editing goes down drastically if you follow my earlier tips, especially the one of not editing too much.

Finally, Personal Confidence adds a lot. Have fun with this!

Unfortunately, I’m sure there are some of you who will be unwilling to let the world hear your voice. My suggestion for you is to hire an inexpensive voice talent on sites like,,, and even (hint: you might find more near Hollywood on craigslist).

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