Business Branding And Webdesign : The Art Of Building A Name For Yourself Online

Business Branding And Webdesign : The Art Of Building A Name For Yourself Online

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Small Business Branding And Webdesign: The Art Of Building A Name For Yourself Online

Your company website can take your small business from total obscurity to exactly where you want to be, if you use every element to your advantage. Along with a smart 5-year plan, marketing strategy and a lot of hard work, small business branding and webdesign go hand-in-hand with meeting long-term goals. Here 's how to incorporate webdesign directly into your small business branding efforts and set yourself up for success.

Color, Scheme And Font As Part Of Your Brand

Don 't just pick colors for your website, study them first. Have a sound knowledge of how color impacts consumers emotions and influences their decision making process. Did you know that consumers are more than 15 percent more apt to go back to a store that features blue decor than orange? In fact, using blue doesn 't just get your customers back in the store, it may foster more loyalty with them as well. On the other hand, if you 're a website that accepts bids on products, a red background can cause people to raise the amount they 're willing to pay!

The font and scheme of your small business website should also incorporate consumer habits into the design, by using elements that are easy on the eyes and brain. Don 't make people have to figure anything out, particularly in navigation. Simplicity is the ultimate goal, to uncomplicate the path from point A to B on your site, whether that 's straight to a shopping cart or some other aspect of company operations.

Promoting Your Company With A Quick, Effective Slogan

As opposed to coming up with something cute or funny, use your slogan as a means of constant advertising. For example, telling people you 've been in business for 20...

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...of the best ways to accomplish individuality without going overboard is through a combination of smart design and carefully worded messaging. Set the bar high in terms of your use of graphics and web elements, but have something more meaningful to say. Really reach out and grab people with your words, rather than simply relaying ideas with text. After all, anyone can slap a few lovely colors together, but it takes sheer genius to command the attention of an Internet audience for more than say, 15 seconds.

Small business branding and webdesign should work together like instruments in a symphony, leading your company to a successful starting point. Thereafter, you 're still looking at years of blood, sweat and tears to forge a strong and profitable company, but starting off on the right foot provides you with immeasurable advantages you should really avail yourself to.

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