Building A Building Human Impact On The Environment Essay

Building A Building Human Impact On The Environment Essay

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Aiming to archive sustainable buildings has become increasingly important in construction of challenges us to create an understanding on how to build within the measurement of the environment capacity that can facilitate our activities and safely retain the waste pollution caused by human activity.During the process of construction of a building human impact on the environment is massive.This happens through many ways like use of poor material for building,inefficient consumption of energy usage and bad consuming system and poor disposal method. All this can cause pollution to the environment.If an environmet of a structure of a building is not properly assess and assembled it can cause major strain on the whole projects putting everyone directly or indirectly involve at risk.This is because the environment we built in has a big impression on human physical health.our environment impacts on our well-being within the society and also impacts organisation and economy.when an excellent building process has been use to archeive healthy building it is a breath of fresh air for both the environment and the habitats within the environment. This practice also helps to improve our knowledge on how to continuously find ways to nourish ideas within the building society and organisation on how to create a safer environment when building and how to be creative on ways to reduce pollution now and in future when building.however if a healthy construction process is not taking in concideration or archeived it can be a devasting reality for the user or occupants of the building as this can cause sick building can also endanger lives of the engeneers working on site. This will be very harmful to the atmosphere in relation to...

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...e to have on site.this brings a better understanding of environmental manegent on sitre and helps the to enlighting engineers on how to take advantage of the benefit it brings to eco-construction.investors are also advice to use an EMS in the to managent of new facilities. This will encourage them in saving cost as resuorces will be better managed.investors are ask to prepare an ES before any new development ES Environmental statement is a ‘’publicly effects of the proposed development ,which is prepare and submitted in conjuction with planning application’’.this is usually condect by a private specialist appointed by the client to report back directly to the client.this is advantagouse as this help improve the relationship between thye cleinet and the project it helps the cleinet gain control in managing issues from briefing to desing process of the construction.

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