Breast Cancer : Cancer Awareness Essay

Breast Cancer : Cancer Awareness Essay

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I chose to write about breast cancer because this is breast cancer awareness month and I have lost several family members to this disease. Breast cancer is cancer that forms in the cells of the breast. The breast consists of glands that make breast milk and ducts or small tubes that carry the milk from the glands to the nipple. The milk glands or fatty tissue are the area’s most likely to develop cancerous cells. There are some rarer cases of breast cancer and it is called stromal tissue. Breast cancer may also be found in the lymph nodes and in the underarm. The problem with breast cancer today is raising money for research and finding a cure so that no one else dies from this disease. Another problem is getting women to get tested at the suggested ages because breast cancer is less invasive if preventive measures are taken.


The nonprofit I chose to write about is the breast cancer research foundation. This organization is the highest rated in the U. S. with an A+ rating from charity watch and they got 4 out of 4 stars from charity navigator. This organization was founded in 1993 by Evelyn H Lauder over a cup of coffee and a conversation. One of the problems of finding a cure for breast cancer is finding and funding the brightest minds and researchers and a new approach was very critical. In 2001 my wife watched her mother suffer for six to seven months after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She was a very outgoing person who appeared to be very healthy. She ate healthy and exercised regularly but after her diagnoses her body seemed to break down at an alarming rate. In the second month of her diagnoses the cancer had spread to her back and attached to her spine rendering her...

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...side to the awful killer. The number of new cases of breast cancer is down compared to 10yrs ago today there are only 14% of new cases as opposed to 28%. The number of deaths are down from breast cancer are down as well, only 6.8% of women with breast cancer will die today as opposed to 10yrs ago more than 35% of women would die. These stats are concrete proof that all the fund raising and public and private donations to all the nonprofits and cancer research hospitals are definitely making a life saving difference. If I had a plan to get rid of breast cancer it would be to increase the message to all people that the only way to fight this disease and win is through preventive measures. I always remind my wife and my daughter to check yourself for anything that don’t look normal and then report it to your doctor as soon as you can, it just may save your life.

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