Bone Tissue : The Structural And Supportive Connective Tissue Of The Body

Bone Tissue : The Structural And Supportive Connective Tissue Of The Body

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Bone tissue is the structural and supportive connective tissue of the body. Another name for it is the osseous tissue. The human body has 206 bones which all have different functions within the body. There are 126 bones in the appendicular skeleton which are arms, legs, and trunk. The axial skeleton has 80 bones which are the head and the vertebrate. The role of bones help moves the body and give it shape. Important functions of the bone are support, protection, movement, mineral and growth factor storage, blood cell formation, fat storage, and hormone production (Marieb, Hoehn pp. 175). Bones support the body and keep the organs in place. Without the support, we would not be able to move our limbs.
Bones protect the softer parts of our body such as the skull protects the brain. With the movement of the bones, we are able to walk, carry heavy boxes, and any other activities we wish to do. The minerals that are needed are calcium and phosphate. Calcium increases blood supply and phosphate builds and repairs bones, help nerves function, and make muscles contract. Blood cell formation happens in the red marrow. The blood cell’s job is to transport oxygen becoming carbon dioxide into the lungs. Fat storage is a source of energy which is kept in bone cavities. And lastly, hormones are really important to bone strength.
There are four categories of the bone which are long bones, short bones, flat bones, and irregular bones. The long bones are the arms, legs, and phalanges. Short bones are the wrist and ankles. Sesamoid bone is a short bone fixed within a tendon. It is called a sesamoid bone due to the shape which is like a sesame seed. These bones form in response to a strain. Flat bone is what it sounds like; which are the sternum, ...

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... become stronger when muscles push and tug against bones. Bone displaying and rebuilding protect skeletal capacity all through life. The bone remodeling unit ordinarily couples bone resorption and development. Bone framework manages bone mineralization. Bone quality relies on bone mass, composition, properties, and microstructure.
Doing this research paper, I got a much better understanding of what Osteoporosis is and why it is so important. Before I use to think that my mom would say that milk would make us stronger just to get my sister and I to drink milk. After this, it gave me a better understanding of why we really need calcium. I also realized that exercise is not only important to maintain weight but it is also important for the bones in our body. Doing all of this will help us maintain a healthy lifestyle and live longer along with a good and proper diet.

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