Essay on The Black Cow Cafe

Essay on The Black Cow Cafe

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In the Old-Town of Montrose, there are several well known restaurants with quality food and service, but many of them overlook the primary essentials for all around quality service. Any restaurant can make decent food and provide acceptable customer service, but what makes a restaurant great “is the degree to which [the staff] are willing to go above and beyond to be exceptional” (Morley). This goal is not merely limited to waiting service and food quality but it goes as far as including overall cleanliness, welcoming attitudes and location as well. For many, Star Cafe has been the central cheap dining restaurant choice in the city of Montrose. Despite its lack in variety, many continue to dine there while neglecting its competitor. The Black Cow Cafe, right next door, heavily surpasses Star Cafe in overall dining experience and continues to offer higher quality service in all respects.
Firstly, Rather than sticking to one basic concept or genre of dining, The Black Cow Cafe offers a large variety of food choices from all food cultures. Most restaurants, such as Star Cafe, offer one specific culture or style of food that is served. Specializing in one food class opens up a broader consistency of customers, but closes the door for those who do not enjoy that specific food choice. The Black Cow Cafe offers an extensive menu featuring items ranging from several cultures such as American, Southern, Seafood, Italian, English, and even Chinese. Although it mainly specializes in American foods such as burgers and salads, other styles of food are readily available to those who prefer a more ethnic dining experience. By broadening the styles of food served, diners are given a vast range to choose from which produces a much larger fan bas...

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...ner feel extremely welcomed and invited.
As we have seen The Black Cow Cafe heavily surpasses the overall dining experience of it’s competitors. The food quality and taste not only sets it apart from other restaurants but it sets the bar for a supreme dining experience. With customer service becoming more and more important in our culture, this restaurant has established an excellent foundation that other restaurants should take note of. Decoration and layout are among the first things noticed when entering a restaurant which could immediately set the tone of the customers overall dining experience. The Black Cow Cafe not only has a extremely welcoming atmosphere but it sets the standard for Old-Town fine dining. While the neighboring restaurants in Montrose put up a fair fight, The Black Cow Cafe knocks them out with overall quality service that can not be matched.

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