Critique Analysis: An Analysis Of Jason's Deli

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Analysis of Jason’s Deli What is typically imagined when entering any establishment is that the experience should be seamless. That is, from the moment you enter until the moment you leave you don’t have a single feeling that anything at all has gone wrong; your goods or service was delivered in an efficient and effective manner. A fast food restaurant, coffee shop, or grocery would need to implement procedures that leave an impression on their customers, as interaction with them is brief. I went to Jason’s deli at around 5:00 p.m. on a Thursday however they were not busy. I have never been to this establishment before so I was not familiar with the procedures in place to process the customers.
Every restaurant has about the same several
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One key design principle of this establishment was of a casual sit-in dining restaurant opposed to being seated with a server and menus, a person must order from the front. This cuts down on the time it takes a family to wait, settle in, wait, and then order off or a menu. Also the restaurant is spacious and has a lot of seating allowing for a rush of people with no problem. Another key design that governed that effectiveness of this process what the way the kitchen was mostly exposed and in the front. If you were sitting close to the front you could watch your food be prepared. I’m sure the cooks feel the extra pressure being under the watchful eye of the people whom the food belongs to. Another design principle that governs the effectiveness of the process in Jason’s Deli is the menu itself. The menu is pretty diverse but the one common denominator is that the food is recognized as healthy and made from the freshest ingredients possible. Finally I would add the self-servicing drink station is another key design principle because this cuts down on the time it take to wait for a waitress for a drink refill (if this were a formal restaurant).
Lag times happen at restaurants often causing service breakdowns. These breakdowns can lead to longer wait times, longer lines, sometimes service and product quality can decrease. For example, if someone messes up an order for a
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Since Jason’s Deli doesn’t appear to be a fast-food restaurant at first but they do in fact have fast food processing and procedural methods, people might have trouble understanding that they do not seat like a formal restaurant. The set up of the register to the seating and lack of signage I can predict to be confusing to first time customers. I recommend they get a standing sign that people can see when they first open the door that says, “ Please proceed to register,” and another standing sign by the front register that says “ Please seat yourself.” I find it that people become uncomfortable when they do not have a clear direction to what the norm is in an establishment. Finally I would recommend that although having your meal brought to your table gives a more formal restaurant feel, it contradicts the whole purpose of ordering your food and paying at the register for the fast food aspect of it. Beef-a-Roo is a local fast food restaurant and if they are not busy then sometimes they will give you a number and bring you out your food, other times they will not give you a number and they will shout your number from your receipt-which is a procedural aspect they need to work out and solidify regionally. Jason’s Deli is overall a great fast food restaurant and the procedures they have in place to process customers works very efficiently and

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