Billy Adams : Viola And Piano Duet Essay

Billy Adams : Viola And Piano Duet Essay

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On Thursday, October 27, 2016, Auburn University’s music department presented a viola and piano duet in Goodwin Recital Hall. This duet featured Jacob Adams on viola accompanied by Angela Draghicescu on piano. The first two pieces, Dumka and Romance, both composed by Leos Janacek are sonatas traditionally written for violin, but Jacob Adams arranged them for voila. The next pieces included works from George Gershwin, George Enescu, and Otakar Zich.
To begin, the soloist and his accompaniment are both well known in their respective fields. Angela Draghicescu has performed in famous venues all around the world including Carnegie Hall, Czech Philharmonic, and numerous other venues. Jacob Adams began his professional career at age 17 when he debuted with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. He currently works for the University of Alabama as an assistant professor for the voila. Having taught a music appreciation class once before, the performer chose music that would adhere to the college aged audience.
Jacob Adams opened the concert with two Romantic Era pieces by Leos Janacek. Dumka, the first sonata, is a work originally written for violin but Adams arranged the piece for voila. The dynamics in Dumka follow an interesting crescendo and decrescendo. At moments, the melody carried by the viola is piano and then crescendos into fortissimo, only to decrescendo into a soft, quiet rhythm. The second piece, Romance, was a livelier piece in a major key. Instead of the pianist playing in the background, in Romance Angela Draghicescu gets to carry the melody momentarily which brings a welcomed contrast to the voila. The end of the sonata features a melody slowly reaching a big crescendo followed by a quick decrescendo with a ritardando.

... middle of paper ... impressive, two moments stood out from the great music. During Dumka the piano was overbearing and was louder than the melody held by the viola. Similarly, within George Enesco’s Concert Piece, the refrain would roar, in turn destroying an eloquent pianissimo melody.
In conclusion, Jacob Adams as a soloist on voila and Angela Draghicescu accompanying him on piano presented a terrific performance including works from Leos Janacek, George Gershwin, George Enescu, and Otakar Zich. The highlight of the performance came from the jazz inspired pieces and the finale that included multiple movements with variations on one theme. Furthermore, the performance by the duo was impressive while exceptionally displaying great music to a younger audience. Without a doubt, I would recommend a similar concert performed by Jacob Adams and Angela Draghicescu to all of my colleagues.

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