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Almost every minivan has the stick-figure family in the bottom left corner on the back window that shows their family. Yet, it seems that every family consist of a father, mother, kids, and maybe a pet or two. One virtually never sees any variation of a ‘family’. The two men with the adopted daughter, the single mother with a handful of kids, and the lone college student with her dog. An image of a family is limited in the current mindset; it is the average family that is seen when the term is spoken, never the true form of family. The idea of what a family is can be wildly debated and may never come to a true agreement, yet the answer lies in front of each individual, if only they are willing to open their mind and grasp the concept. The definition of family is as…show more content…
Sister from another mister. Family does not have to be related. She stays the night once a week, he has a shelf here, and Dad calls him Son, all sentences that are about a friend that might as well be family. Although, they are already family. Family is not genetic. Family is not traced through bloodlines that simply pull out a code of just four different letters in an almost random order. A friend could be next door for years, in the cubical over, across the lab bench, or anywhere else with their comforting and welcoming smile. A friend may mean the world to someone, someone who would give their life for them. A friend that is such a great friend they are loved and trusted so much that someone just can not help but call them family. They come over for holidays, they are next to the hospital bed, and they are in a little black dress with the same tears as the genetic family. Friendship is stronger than the most durable steel that man will ever create and the bond between true friendship is just as unbreakable. A bond like that might as well be family. Family should not be limited to the same patterns in DNA but the love, trust, and care that goes into the

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