Essay about The Between Nazi Germany And Present Day America

Essay about The Between Nazi Germany And Present Day America

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Can history repeat itself? In many cases this has been proven to be true but it is scary to think about history possibly repeating itself when comparing our president elect, Donald Trump to someone as notoriously known as Adolf Hitler. While all the circumstances are not the same, there are many similarities between the two public figures and their actions to gain support of others. There are many parallels between Nazi Germany and present day America.
Both Trump and Hitler have used scare tactics in order to gain support of people in their country. In Nazi Germany, Hitler often times referred to the term “international Jews” which was the term he used to describe racial extermination of the German culture and race. On December 12, 1941 Hitler gave a speech to the Nazi leaders. He is quoted saying, “‘With regard to the Jewish Question the Fuehrer is determined to make a clean sweep. He prophesied that if they brought about another world war, they would experience their annihilation. The annihilation of the Jews must be the necessary consequence. This question is to be viewed without sentimentality. We’re not to have sympathy with the Jews, but only sympathy with our German people. If the German people has again now sacrificed around 160,000 dead in the eastern campaign, the instigators of this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their own lives.” Hitler is essentially trying to portray the message that the German culture and race is being overpowered by the Jewish population and therefore it should be exterminated. In many ways this is similar to Trump and his slogan “Make America Great Again.” Throughout Trump’s campaign he has made it clear he wants to deport a lot of the immigrants who have lived here for years. ...

... middle of paper ... as they most likely knew someone who was fighting in the war. Similarly, in the U.S Trump did this by stating that immigrants were coming here and taking the American jobs away from those who are in search of a job. With many people being unemployed here in America, supporters may have been easily influenced by this statement as it directly affects them.
There are many similarities between the president elect Donald trump and Adolf Hitler. Only time will tell if he will actually turn out to be as terrible of a man as Hitler. As a country, the 2016 election should have been an eye opening experience that white hegemonic power is real and not just a fragment of the imagination. We should all be able to realize now more than ever that not much has changed in our society over the past decades despite having an African American president for the past eight years.

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