Best Suiting Needs in B2B Selling in Technology Essay

Best Suiting Needs in B2B Selling in Technology Essay

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The main challenge in B2B selling in technology today is that it is difficult to identify the needs of customers and selling them solutions which suits best to their needs. It is very important to deliver value proposition to existing and new customers to build strong relationships with them. In today’s competitive scenario customers’ do not know how to solve their own problems, even though they often had a good understanding of what their problems are. But now, owing to increasingly sophisticated procurement teams and purchasing consultants armed with troves of data, companies can readily define solutions for themselves and customers can devote time much better on important issues of business.
At the time traditional sales where supplies were tight and suppliers held the cards, when orders had to be booked weeks or even months in advance and customers, anxious for a steady supply of material and lacking information about availability, had little room to negotiate price. Sales people were order takers. But in the competitive environment, sales people have evolved from order takers to ambassadors, plying their social skills to learn what a customer needs and using their product knowledge to present products and services to match those needs. Salespeople built long term relationships with purchasing agents, cementing those ties and meet the customer’s requirements.
Now with the increase in the Internet Penetration where every consumer has access to prices and specifications from suppliers anywhere on earth and at the same time customers are under pressure to deliver value to their clients and their shareholders. They are compelled to use the newfound power to transparency and overcapacity to drive ...

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...lge in selling trap which means temptations to jump on solutions rather than understanding the problem properly.
• Along with satisfying the core and augmented needs, more concentration should be in meeting unexpected needs to maximize the value preposition.
• To create differentiation: IDIC Model should be used.
I- Identify who are important people in decision making.
D- Differentiate who are important to you.
I- Interact
C- Customize value according to the needs.
• Focus should be on 3 C’s – Creating Value, Communicating Value and Capturing Value
• Convert product-centric, channel-centric and other metrics to customer centric metrics over time. For instance, a firm may evolve from measuring sales volume alone, to measuring the customer value impact of new sales.
• Focus should be on Potential advantage, providing unexpected value and gaining competitive advantage.

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