Essay about Benefits Of Volunteer Tourism

Essay about Benefits Of Volunteer Tourism

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“The human contribution is the essential ingredient, it is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live” (Ethel Percy Andrews). This quote is describing volunteering as a very important part in people’s lives. It is saying that you do not quite live until you contribute and benefit the lives of people less fortunate than yourself. There are many opportunities to volunteer, and some of the most wondrous experiences come from volunteer tourism. This type of tourism is one of the best in my opinion because not only do you get to travel, but you also provide your service for others that are not as prosperous. While participating in this type of tourism, many people gain new skills while also benefitting the lives of others. Along with many other tourisms, there are also a few negatives that come along with volunteer tourism as well.
Furthermore, I find volunteer tourism to be a marvelous experience that I wish to endure one day. I am very passionate about traveling and I have honestly been looking into this type of travel for many years. Not only do I want to experience new countries, but I also want to learn new cultures while helping and giving back to the underprivileged. I have looked through many websites and organizations and I realized that I want to make multiple trips and I want to volunteer various places more than once! There are possibilities in almost every single country and there are many types of volunteering that a person could do. I am most interested in medical volunteering, teaching English, wildlife volunteering and community. There are many other volunteering categories but I prefer these because they are more prevalent in my life and they require skills that I possess. I plan on volunteering in at...

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... are working with (The Dark Side of Volunteer Tourism).
In conclusion, volunteer tourism is now one of the most popular forms of alternative tourism. I find volunteer tourism as a very attractive form of donating my time not only for the benefits of others, but to also expand my knowledge of the world and foreign cultures. I have full intentions of volunteering abroad in my near future and am excited to endure these future experiences. There are many people that are volunteering for the wrong reasons, but thankfully there are also people that are volunteering without their own self in mind. Volunteer tourism is expanding exponentially due to the many benefits that it provides the volunteer. Alike many other situations, there are also a few disadvantages to volunteer tourism, but overall it is a life-changing opportunity that everyone should experience at least once.

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