Persuasive Essay On Volunteering

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Volunteering increases a person’s physical health. A person who volunteers is found to live a longer life. Even more so, volunteers found themselves with lower mortality rates (Dietz et al.). Volunteerism has been helpful in increasing health and consequently lowers mortality rates. Furthermore, people experience less chronic pain when volunteering. Specifically, people experiencing chronic pain found it to decrease when volunteering and serve the public (Dietz et al.). Volunteers experience better health overall, but also specific enhancements such as reducing chronic pain like stated above. Additionally, volunteering can be physically demanding, increasing strength and stamina. Notably, Volunteers for Experience Corps found themselves with…show more content…
Specifically, it helps a person learn how to communicate with co-workers and peers. Therefore, volunteering strengthens social skills and teaches people to interact (Segal and Robinson). It is clear that teaching social skills through volunteering helps a business to function. Additionally, volunteering helps a person work on adaption to their surroundings. Specifically, it can help a person adapt into a new field of work (Greene). Overall, learning how to adapt is an essential function of life and helps the flow and functions in and out of an office. Furthermore, a person who volunteers can experience different types of jobs without long-term commitment. To emphasize, volunteering exposes a volunteer to different organizations different than a staff member and can connect to a company deeper than only reading a website (Greene). A volunteer allows access to different companies and organizations without fully committing to the job requirements. Thus, volunteering can prove to be beneficial through gaining experience in the…show more content…
Moreover, a person can connect with people they may have not got the chance to. In particular, people who volunteer are more than likely to encounter areas of a society and career options they would have never thought of being available to them (Vale). Volunteering opens up different doors and opportunities that wouldn’t have been before. Continued, a volunteer can learn knowledge about different career paths and what they entail. For example, volunteers may experience and benefit from gaining knowledge on topics such as health, environment, and women’s issues (Sinha). A volunteer can gain experience of different types of jobs and learn more about different careers from first hand experience. Furthermore, a person met through volunteering may help you get a job in their field. For instance, when you volunteer with someone they get to know a lot about you and can serve as a reference of your character (Greene). Volunteering experiences help connect a person to others that can help connect you to different career paths. Volunteering is not only effective, but it's a good way to meet people and develop social

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