The Benefits of The Use of Social Media With Community Service Projects Essay

The Benefits of The Use of Social Media With Community Service Projects Essay

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Winning with Marketing
Participation in organized athletics from the youth level to the professional ranks has become a major emphasis in American society. Competition for the support of the fan has become as intense as the athletic event occurring on the field of play. Independent athletic programs and schools desire to be recognized as they desire to produce newsworthy stories of the game itself or an event surrounding the game. The winning product of a team may not be the only reason fans support them. For some it could be what the team stands for, or attending a sporting event is an opportunity to be seen, to socialize, or to the purest, attending to watch athletes perform at their best. Either way, everyone who attends a sporting event is drawn to it for their own personal reason and this is why sports marketing is an evolving process while traditional marketing is predictable (Masteralexis, 2012). To win the fan, there must be a combination of a winning product on the field of play, a personal connection, a fair market price to attend, and create an experience that extends beyond the game by creating conversation among friends, co-workers and family (Masteralexis, 2012). Furthermore, to become successful on and off the field, teams and the organizations that run them, need to create a brand that is a recognizable one the fans identify with.
Mediocrity is Not Winning
In this modern day of life there is a great emphasis placed on winning whether in the corporate environment, sales career, school, and in athletics. The pressure to win has filtered down to our school aged children with an attitude of winning at all cost. On the other hand, there are sporting organizations that have become complacent and have settled ...

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