Essay Benefits Of Tablets Are Not Only Restricted On Grades K 12 Or College

Essay Benefits Of Tablets Are Not Only Restricted On Grades K 12 Or College

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The benefits of tablets are not only restricted to grades K-12 or college. They can also be transferred into real world applications. As seen above in Fig. 1 they expect the amount of tablets in the corporate environment to continue to grow exponentially even after the plateau of tablet sales. Many businesses have already adopted them as cash register alternatives. It is extremely easy and effective for small businesses to use a tablet to take credit card payments. That isn’t all though, as they can be seen in hospitals to help aide during surgery or to keep a database of patient files with them at all times. Engineers or architects also benefit heavily from having a tablet on hand as they have specific apps already aimed at the field. All of the skills that are needed to run industry specific apps could be taught during schools. Schools that adopt tablets will give their students an upper hand when it comes to using tablets after they’re out of school.
Setting up the infrastructure to support tablet may be expensive, but in the long run will be more cost effective. The future is headed in a direction that is very technology intensive. If it was not heading in that direction, society would be moving backward. The infrastructure will more than likely be needed at some point which should be reason enough that such a system should be implemented. Schools that fall behind the curve are only giving the students that go there a disadvantage versus those schools that took the time and invested in a prosperous future for their students. Additionally, e-textbooks cost on average 50-60% less than their physical counterparts (Digital Textbooks May Save 1). Likewise, there is an inverse relationship between tablets and paper; as tablets dec...

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...ence. Tablets will help reduce the strain a backpack would have on a child.
Only time can tell if iPads, or tablets, are a truly innovative way to enrich teaching. While results are only preliminary, the results are overwhelmingly positive. Such positive results deserve a more vigorous testing ground. Students, and teachers alike, deserve a fresh modernistic opportunity to experience a refreshing new technique to education. Tablets are just the thing to spark a revolutionary discovery in how studying can become fun again for everyone. They don’t just cater to a specific crowd because there are countless methods to teaching that can be found among the legions of apps available. The number of apps is always growing while regularly becoming up-to-date with the latest information. Needless to say, textbooks should become a thing of the past and be replaced with tablets.

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