Tablets vs. Textbooks

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The 3,500 e-books on a tablet only weigh one billionth of a billionth gram, whereas 3,500 print books weigh about two tons. (Ray, 2011) Nowadays, 40% of Americans read online or e-books, rather than reading out of printed books. In July 2010, Amazon had announced that during that year e-books had sold more than printed books. (Digital Book World, 2012) Tablets and textbooks share a few similarities, yet they differ in other aspects.
First of all, textbooks and tablets resemble each other in content, yet there are some differences. They both have excellent information that is educational. Tablets helped students score higher on their exams. (Maragioglio, 2012) However, the tablets and textbooks are dissimilar in one way. Some textbooks may be not sold or available on tablets. (Book Industry Study Group, 2012) In addition, they are alike in that they both provide all the informational context a student will acknowledge. Industries, companies, and the market are trying to publish tablets for K-12 students instead of using textbooks. (Owen, 2012) However, their features are dissimilar in...

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