The Benefits Of Stricter Gun Control Essay

The Benefits Of Stricter Gun Control Essay

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The Benefits of Stricter Gun Control
Ever wonder why countries like the United States of America experiences the most gun massacres among other developed countries? No, it is not the barbarous minds of the civilians, but perhaps the country’s lenient handgun laws. Handgun laws and licensing are enforced in many countries, limiting and controlling the possession and use of firearms within the civilians. To an extent, gun control keeps crime and deaths in control as well. However, nations with more lenient handgun laws suffer more deaths, crime and struggle at maintaining peace within their population. From time and time again, we see that the aftermath and tragic new stories of gun violence and accidents can be related to the lenient regulations. Therefore, harsher handgun laws and licensing are crucial to reduce crime and violence in a country.
The biggest argument regarding gun ownership is the intent of protection in times of danger. It is implied that civilians rely on guns for defense in dangerous, lesser developed areas and places with local criminals. It is acknowledgeable to see the use of guns as a tool of safety, saving themselves and their loved ones. However, states that only 0.79% of the 29,618,300 violent crimes committed between 2007 and 2011 were prevented with the use of firearms. In addition, firearms are far more frequently used to commit crueler acts, such as murder, and threats for power. It only seems ironic for people to be defending themselves with an instrument of death. Overall, the negative gun-related effects of possessing legal firearms outweigh its means of protection.
Additionally, stricter handgun laws and licensing reduces intentional and accidental gun deaths among the youth. There a...

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... of it acts as a stimulus for burglary and theft. When stolen, it gives the culprit more power, that can lead to other, more violent crimes. By enforcing stricter gun control and ownership laws, a significant amount of gun-related crimes and deaths can be prevented.
It is essential to reflect on the flaws on the legal possession of guns in a nation. With stronger gun control laws, fewer firearm possession rids the possibilities of gun-related violence, crime and death. More difficultly accessible guns would reduce exposure to the youth. Nations with stricter gun laws clearly show the miniscule rate of firearm-related crime and violence. In summary, stricter firearm laws and licensing would greatly diminish gun-related violence; in the hands of experienced and responsible individuals, there would be no need to worry about gun- related accidents, crimes and violence.

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