Benefits Of Competitive Employment For People With Disabilities Essay

Benefits Of Competitive Employment For People With Disabilities Essay

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Samant et al., (2009) indicate “people with disabilities have the right to be employed” (p.179).
There are many benefits of competitive employment for people with disabilities. They gain more independence, increase their employment skills and feel a sense of self accomplishment in their lives. The research shows community employment might also increase self-esteem and increase social networking within the community (Belgrave, 1991; Freedman Fesko, 1996; Krause & Anson, 1997).
Gilmartin and Slevin (2009) indicate in their study that people with intellectual disabilities expressed their lives were more meaningful because of being a part of a self-advocacy group. Thirteen people participated in their study by attending three self-advocacy based groups. The evidence suggests that opportunities for self-advocacy should be available to people with intellectual disabilities. Participants indicated they would like to get new jobs through the centers they were at and felt like their quality of life would be increased by working (Gilmartin & Slevin, 2009).
Individuals with intellectual disabilities feel empowered by learning about their rights and by increasing their goals for personal development. Participants stated they felt valued and indicated a positive change in their lives (Gilmartin & Slevin, 2009). This study is important because it demonstrates the need for people with intellectual disabilities to be better advocates for themselves. It also relates to this project by increasing integration and leadership by obtaining skills for further self-development.
Shogren and Broussard (2011) conducted 17 interviews during a state wide self-advocacy conference with individuals who had intellectual disabilities to clarify t...

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... well as procedures for filing a grievance (Allen, 2014).
Assessment Tool
Scott and Presmanes (2001) indicate that the Daily Living Assessment 20 (DLA 20) is a reliable and valid instrument for assessing functional and clinical status of person with severe mental disorders (Appendix B). The assessment was developed to assess needs, plan services and evaluate outcomes for persons with serious mental illness. This article explains that the DLA 20 has internal consistency and interrater reliability. The strengths of the assessment tool are that it is easy to administer and is time efficient (Scott & Presmanes, 2001). The DLA 20 will be administered as a group pre-test post-test to each of the participants. The participants will be assessed prior to the beginning of the first group and the assessment will be administered again at the end of the last group.

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