Disclosure Essays

  • Ethics of Full Disclosure of Security Holes

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    Ethics of Full Disclosure of Security Holes Introduction Security breaches are making big headlines nowadays, and Microsoft is leading the charge. Its flagship operating systems and office suite are so bulky and complex, that it is impossible to be bug-free. The system administrators (the white hats) are up to their noses plugging all the holes from super hackers (the black hats). Yet they are also facing attack from another front – those that post vulnerabilities on the internet (the

  • Analysis of the Movie, Disclosure

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    Disclosure is a drama/thriller. The genre for this movie states, “Sex is Power”. Tom is a happily married man, a successful computer expert, and works for a major computer company “Digicom”, which is about to merge. He believes he is going to receive a promotion because of all his devotion and work for the company. Instead the job goes to Meredith, who is from another plant and with whom he was romantically involved in his bachelor days. She is now his new boss, who is very aggressive, sexy and dedicated

  • The Pros of Mandatory HIV Testing and Disclosure of HIV Status

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    The Pros of Mandatory HIV Testing and Disclosure of HIV Status The universal precautions of the Centers for Disease Control do not eradicate all risk to the patient or health care provider, says Baillie et al. (p. 129). While health care providers in all institutions have been educated in universal precautions, Beck, a registered nurse, cautions that some employees have failed to comply with the recommended procedures from the Centers of Disease Control. Some nurses find goggles, gloves, and

  • Application Paper

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    penetration must occur; this process requires self-disclosure and vulnerability in order to be achieved. People are able to choose who they want to become closer to and to decide how much of their private self they want to expose. According to Sidney Jourard, author of Transparent Self (1980), "You cannot collaborate with another person toward some common end unless you know him. How can you know him, and he you, unless you have engaged in enough mutual disclosure of self to be able anticipate how he will

  • Attachment in Groups

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    Attachment and Self Disclosure in Groups Attachment and self disclosure can say a lot about a person. There was a study done to investigate attachment style and self disclosure in the first group counseling session. This was done in order to explain variable of group functioning. The attachment style was done by self report questionnaires and the self-disclosure was done by observations. There were more than four hundred participants that were split up into twenty seven different groups. I find taking

  • Investigating Pleurococcus

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    Pleurococcus. Ø Tree species: each tree has its own rind category, some more appropriate to the Pleurococcus than others. Ø Location: the location of the tree will largely influence abiotic factors (e.g. shadowing effects of other trees and disclosure to the elements) Ø Pleurococcus contains chlorophyll and has a single-cell. It expands rapidly in warm and damp conditions by simple binary fission (ways of how they actually come together/ join, like Miosis and Mitosis). I have decided

  • Effective Communication

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    this process the receiver would be able to translate our messages into ideas. Unfortunately there are a lot of barriers to this process. I will be discussing four different topics, verbal & nonverbal communication, perception, listening, and self-disclosure. Through the presentation of these topics, I will demonstrate several ways in which we can communicate among ourselves more effectively. This paper will demonstrate how we can become more effective as communicators, and to be able to apply the four

  • The Character of Gertrude in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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    The Character of Gertrude in Shakespeare's Hamlet It is tempting to condemn Gertrude as evil, but it is probably more sensible to consider her as weak and inconstant. Hamlet's heartfelt line "Frailty, thy name is woman" sums up his view of her actions early in the play. Like many of Shakespeare's women characters, she is "sketched in" rather than drawn in detail. We know that she has a deep affection for her son, which is commented on by Claudius in Act 4 "The Queen, his mother, lives almost

  • Releasing the Moment in Clampitt’s Poem Fog

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    The photographer sights, clicks, stops; the moment is captured; the vision settles. The poet sights, clicks, begins; the moment is released; the vision starts. Tess Gallagher says, "the poem is always the enemy of the photograph." The art of poetry demands more than external vision; a poem takes the reader outside and inside to see, hear, touch, and feel every detail. In Amy Clampitt’s poem "Fog," she immerses the reader’s senses in the entirety of the moment’s external grace and its secret inner

  • Shame and Learning in Plato's Apology

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    her. On the other hand, the only way she can overcome her state of ignorance and free herself from the shame that threatens her is by revealing her ignorance and thereby making herself vulnerable to the very feelings of shame that will attend this disclosure. Shane implicitly points to this dilemma in his discussion of the questionable structu... ... middle of paper ... ...ely, a certain degree of irony here but Socrates' fundamental orientation as the sort of teacher who is at the same time a learner

  • Is Psychotherapy More Effective When Therapist Disclose Information

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    between client and therapist, fostering a stronger and more effective therapeutic relationship”). However many other therapist disagrees with that statement. They reply “ psychodynamic theorist since Freud have generally regarded therapist self-disclosure as detrimental to treatment because it might interfere with the therapeutic process, shifting the focus of therapy away from the client”(e.g., see cutis, 1982b; Freud, 1912/1958; Greenson, 1967, chap. 3). In addition, it is argued that therapist

  • Development of Friendship Between Roommates

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    Development of Friendship Between Roommates The study of relationship and friendship development has become a very popular subject for social psychologists in the past twenty years or more. Social exchange processes, equity, similarity and self-disclosure (which was constructed by social penetration theorists Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor), are presupposed to be the main route to relationship and friendship development. According to the article "Development of Friendship Between Roommates", there

  • The Challenges of Lesbian and Gay Youth

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    normal” (Herdt 2). As a result, homosexual teens hide their sexual orientation and feelings, especially from their parents. Limited research conducted on gay young adults on disclosure to parents generally suggests that disclosure is a time of familial crisis and emotional distress. Very few researchers argue that disclosure to parents results in happiness, bringing parents and children closer (Ben-Ari 90). The debate over homosexuality as nature or nurture dominates most topics about homosexuality

  • Segmental Reporting

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    of return and capital needs. Because of these differences, it is possible that consolidated financial statements are not sufficient (these financial statements summarize the results and financial position for the reporting entity as a whole). The disclosure of information about an enterprise’s operation in different industries, its foreign operations and export sales, and its major customers, as an integral part of financial statements, may provide a solution to this problem (Thoen and Lefebvre, 2001)

  • Employment Of People With Disabilities Essay

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    about some improvement. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 has clarified the legal rights of both individuals with disabilities and employers; at the same time, however, both groups still face important issues in employment, such as the disclosure of disabilities and the provision of reasonable workplace accommodations. Likewise, successful employment experiences require a match between the skills of individuals with disabilities and the skills needed for jobs. The Americans with Disabilities

  • The Strong Breed Soyinka Beloved

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    Reader Response Essay - On The Strong Breed Reading Wole Soyinka’s Strong Breed, I get to wondering about disclosure and ritual, disclosure between characters and to audiences, rituals of drama and religion. As I read the play, I see ample signs that both Sunma and Eman know about the curse-binding ritual that is to take place before midnight. I see signs of Sunma’s more specific knowledge in her shunning of Ifada from the start of the play. She declares, “Get away, idiot” (853). From

  • Patents are Essential to the Modern World

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    Patents are Essential to the Modern World A patent is the public disclosure of the invention and the best way of practicing the invention, in exchange for the rights to that information for a set period of time - twenty years. A patent permits its owner to exclude members of the public from making, using, or selling the claimed invention. This type of arrangement is a necessity for any type of scientific work. It allows other people to share in the ideas that have been thought and utilized

  • Looking for Dr. Fuller

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    of Carbondale reminding me that Fuller taught at Southern Illinois University. There's a picture of his geodesic dome house in Carbondale, by the way, in the plates between pages 96 and 97 of Ideas and Integrities: A Spontaneous Autobiographical Disclosure. For kicks I also ask the computer to find The Whole Earth Catalog, call number AP2.W5. My book search will take me, then, to five different floors. The Whole Earth Catalog is yellowing and brittle. Its publishers, the Portola Institute, probably

  • The Social Contract Tradition: Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau

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    impels extreme nationalism and unavoidable globalism. This becomes all the more important not in order to dislodge the primacy of loyalty and reverence to this tradition but from another perspective which hopes to encourage that the anchorage of disclosure be implemented. The contract tradition makes pronouncements on what is natural and what is nonnatural. It offers what many have contended are rigorous arguments for these pronouncements that are "intuitive," "empirical," "logical," "psychological

  • Bridging Two Worlds in Girl Interrupted

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    universe There are so many of them: worlds of the insane, the criminal, the crippled, the dying, perhaps of the dead as well. These worlds exist alongside this world and resemble it, but are not in it... (Kaysen, 5) Through the disclosure of Kaysen's case record files, the readers learn that Kaysen was born on November 11, 1948 to Carl and Annette Kaysen. Kaysen grew up in an intellectual, ambitious, Jewish family prominent in the academic world; her father Carl was the director