The Benefits of Becoming Green Essay

The Benefits of Becoming Green Essay

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Improving Energy
How much energy is used from simply charging a cell phone? Harmful fossil fuels are used to produce most of the energy the world uses daily. Although some people believe that fossil fuel industries are stable, enabling green jobs to produce and manage alternate sources of energy would create a more secure, reliable, and healthy economy.
What exactly is a green job? “The term ‘green jobs’ encompasses a number of fields, ranging from jobs that increase energy efficiency and reduce waste, to those that protect biological diversity and decrease dependency on polluting technologies” (Griswold). Green jobs cover a wide range of categories, which means that they can be used to improve many aspects of day-to-day life. The overall objective of creating green jobs is to bring a fundamental change to the thought process of consumers and producers on conservation problems (Griswold). If a substitute for energy and its management is not found, society will be run into the ground both environmentally and economically. This is detrimental to the economic survival of the United States.
“...ecosystem-related issues are valued between $2.9 and $38 trillion, compared with a world gross domestic product (GDP) of $54 trillion” (Griswold). The problems associated with the United States’ ecosystem cost about half of the overall GDP, and a solution to this has still not been found. By adding to the growth of the green job industry, these problems could be reduced, thus keeping more money circulating in the economy. “The Obama administration's stimulus package contains a wide variety of energy efficiency incentives, from 30% rebates for home insulation and for installing efficient windows, to rebates for builders of energy-efficient ne...

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...l be used? Enough for it to fill up the battery. How much will be wasted? More than should be.

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