Being Pregnant Includes Making A Lot Of Important Decisions For You And Your Baby 's Health

Being Pregnant Includes Making A Lot Of Important Decisions For You And Your Baby 's Health

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Being pregnant includes making a lot of important decisions for you and your baby’s health. Thus, includes the birth of your child, a very important aspect for both of you’ll life. Once you enter your third trimester you being to think deeply of all the methods there is in delivering your baby into this world. Are you going to want a medicated or non-medicated birth? Or perhaps you decide you much rather have a C-section instead of a vaginal birth? Maybe you prefer a more traditional way of delivery and choose a homelike birth center instead of a hospital. These are all very important aspects to look at when deciding what the best delivery method is not only for you but for your baby. Now let’s take a look at these different birth style methods and see some advantages and disadvantages for each one.
Having a natural birth means delivering without any medication and simply letting nature take its course. When performing a natural birth not having any medications could be very convenient for your health and your baby’s health as well. According to Hirsch (2013), pain medications can affect your labor — your blood pressure might drop, your labor might slow down or speed up, you might become nauseous, and you might feel a sense of lack of control. Essentially not having any source of medication can be suitable in avoiding any possible risks that could happen with medications. Generally having a natural birth is very safe, but it could be dangerous if not being careful. Hirsch (2013) found that, it only becomes risky when a woman ignores her health care provider 's recommendations or if she refuses medical intervention if everything doesn 't go as planned.

Now for the most part all women are recommended to have a vaginal birth unl...

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... (Hirsch, 2013). All these characteristics that a home like birth center can provide may sound spontaneously compared to a hospital, but there’s always a chance that something goes wrong or perhaps you have serious medical problems. If this applies to you than it be best if you had your baby’s birth at a hospital. Especially, if you 're having a high-risk pregnancy, it 's best to give birth in a hospital, where you can receive any necessary medical care (Hirsch, 2013). Having your baby at a homelike birth center would be something to look forward to but in the event of an emergency they wouldn’t be able to provide as much medical care than a hospital could.
In conclusion, ultimately it’s your decision in whatever birth style method you would want to have. No matter what giving birth is a beautiful experience, just remember to do what’s best for you and your baby.

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