Personal Narrative Essay: My Life As A Teenage Mother

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My Life as a Teenage Mom Becoming a mom at sixteen was the hardest thing I have ever done. Trying to work, go to school and take care of my daughter seemed impossible. My mom was always there to support me, but from the moment I found out I was pregnant I was determined to do it on my own. When you become a mom at sixteen the paths you can take in life change, and you are no longer a teenage you become an adult really fast. When I found out I was pregnant I could never have imagined how hard my life was going to be as a teen mom. I remember my dad sitting me down and telling me he respected my decision to keep my daughter, but that I had no idea how hard I just made my life, I don’t think that in that moment I really realized what he meant, but I would soon find out. I was just starting my 11th grade year when my daughter was born so I still had two years of school left. I also had to work so I could take care of my daughter, so trying to do both seemed impossible, at one point my school wanted me to go to school during the day and at night so I could graduate. There was no way I could work and go to school during the day and at night. I had to think long and hard about what I needed to do, my daughter and I needed to be able to survive so I definitely needed my job, so I did…show more content…
Not even today I don’t think there is anything really out there to shown what being a teen mom is really like, the real struggles. I really don’t think that we concentrate enough on preventing teen pregnancies in America. We have TV shows about being a teen mom, but I don’t think it accurately portrays the life of a teen mom. It is hard it’s physically, mentally and emotionally draining, and if you choose to take on the responsibility by yourself and do it all on your own it is extra
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