Being A Young Child I Was Never The Best Student Essay

Being A Young Child I Was Never The Best Student Essay

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As a young child I was never the best student. I was never paying attention in class, my grades were horrendous for an elementary student, and my parents would be called all the time due to me never turning in assignments. As I grew older, I realized that because of my past schooling experiences, I wanted to become a teacher so that other students could excel the way I finally did. Many events have lead me to this point and I believe that these are extremely important
If I was to explain to someone the town and school that I grew up in, they would form an image in their head of what I should in turn act and look like because of it. The first thing someone thinks of when I say that I went to a public school in a small, rural area, the first though that comes to their head is that I am the stereotypical small town Iowa girl. This is in fact not the case. There were a lot of advantages to going to a small, public school. I always felt comfortable because I knew the name of everyone around me. It was also an amazing school. We had some of the highest standardized test scores in the state and an extremely high grade point average. There are also a large number of disadvantages of going to a small school. The school makeup was 98% Caucasian. This drastically reduced the amount of diversity I was able to experience.
The community surrounding the school was amazing. No matter what it was, the community was always willing to get involved and help out in any way. During my junior year of high school, our band program decided to disband all fundraisers throughout the year in exchange for a single event. This event was call Just Donate Night. Each student was paired up with other students, and a parent, that lived in the same area. They t...

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...eir athletics. They were also held to a higher standard outside of the school due to how well known they were. Their experiences were different than mine, but in some ways, they were the same. My father is on the local police department. I was held to a high standard in school because of his standing in society. All of the teachers may not have known my name but all of them knew Officer Yamada.
Every single student who walks into a classroom is their own person with their how experiences that led them to that moment. It is almost impossible for a teacher to understand everything a single student has go through their entire life. The longer I think about other student’s experiences in my school, the more grateful I become of mine. Without those experiences I would not have become the strong, independent adult I am today. I am also grateful for the school I attended.

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