The Benefits Of Charter Schools And Public Schools

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Torin Gibbons English 10 Hour 5 Section 1 19 March 2014 Charter Schools and Public Schools Most people go to public schools. They never read about other schools or what they offer. Why do we chose public schools anyway? Most Parents know they just want to have a child that can live how they did and learn where they have. Parents have been around and they wanted their child to be what was expect of them, going to school, get good grades and find a great college. Later on in the child’s life they would be happy but it all starts with the question what kind of school should they start. Most parents ignore the fact that there are charter schools which are close to public schools. The few things that are different is the services that public schools provide also the grades of the students last the teaching requirement in the schools. First public schools have almost always had busses pick up students that attended school. This is a great service that they supply to most children. Unlike public schools, charter schools would have the parents drop off/pick up their students “that live in a two mile radius”, (Bloom) so you would have to be there when school starts and ends. Come to find out a charter school is responsible for following the same transportation of their students as a public school, except that charter schools are not considered districts because they have no resident students. So charter schools may charge parents for transportation or use 3rd party vendors (Michigan.Gov/Michigan department of education). If you aren’t in a position to afford to pay for the transportation service then the problem how do you drop off/pick up your child when most of the guardians/parents would be going to work at this time. This is just ma... ... middle of paper ... benefitting the families that really need it? Public school teachers in most states require a high education than charter school teachers this situation does vary depending upon which state you live in. Some charter schools only require their teachers to be certified, others require a bachelor’s degree. While these states are trying to get their teachers to the standards of our public school teachers it takes time. With the lower education the charter school teachers aren’t able to teach in a public school setting. With the new law “No Child Left Behind” so the states that have certified or under licensed teachers they are getting them in for classes (uncommon Until all charter school teachers have reached their highest level of education I would suggest keeping your child in a public school one more plus for the public school districts.

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