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Being A Dog At All Essay

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Puppy Barking Can Do More Than Just Annoy You Incessant puppy barking is far more than just a daily annoyance. If left unchecked, it can have negative effects on the relationships you share with just about everyone, including your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your friends, as well as your loud, but still adorable puppy. If you work at home, even your livelihood can be affected. In fact, it can cause such disruption in your day to day life that having to deal with it even over a short period of time could cause you to question your decision to own a dog at all. Thankfully, for you, giving up is not an option - you 've seen the sad faces peering through the shelter bars, their eyes, like little pools of misery, looking up at you as you pass by, as if they are asking, "Why was I left behind? Are you here to love me and take me to my forever home?" You decided long ago that you would never add any more heartbreak to that scenario, so here you are, wanting to learn how you can train your puppy to stop barking. There are many great articles on the internet that can tell you how to do just that, but here you will learn the good news. The good news is you don 't have to train your puppy at all! You only have to train you! A little shift in body language and a phrase or two in dog speak and wa-la! You will have the relaxed and quiet dog you 've always dreamed of. Why His Barking Bothers You More Than Peeing On Your Rug You probably anticipated most of the life changes owning a dog would bring, like the vet expenses, the messes of potty training, the destroyed property from chewing, etc. By doing so, at the same time, you were also mentally preconditioning yourself for those nuisances and have therefore managed to handle your pu...

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...ou will be amazed how fast your dog will improve. Depending on how long you 've been yelling at him, (thereby training him to bark), it doesn 't take more than a day or few for him to begin to understand the new rules: When he barks after you have politely acknowledged his warning by quietly telling him "thank you, now no barking" and you immediately turn your back he will quickly learn that won 't be paid any attention, in fact he will be flat out ignored. This tactic works because dogs cannot stand to be ignored, especially by you, the leader of his pack. He will soon figure out that he can still protect and alert you, but then he can stop barking, and get all the love and praise that he craves from you. Knowing that he 's made you happy is his big payoff and it won 't take long, once he 's learned that, before he stops the mad dog barking routine once and for all.

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