Behavior And Educational Specialist Of Behavior Disorder Essay

Behavior And Educational Specialist Of Behavior Disorder Essay

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Thomas W. Farmer, behavior and educational specialist of behavior disorder students, finds a correlation between building caring rapport with students, and externalizing and internalizing behavior problems, through peer affiliations. In the article, the author used data to study a study that would change in children’s involvement in bullying. In the study data was used to examine across the transition to middle school in relation to externalizing and internalizing behavior problems in fifth grade and peer affiliations in fifth and sixth grades. According to the article, the sample used via data, consisted of 533 students (223 boys, 310 girls) with 72% European American, 25% African American, and 3% Other (Farmer 2015). The study shows that the externalizing and internalizing behavior problems in fifth grade students who were classified as having BD were related to bullying involvement in sixth grade.

It is believed that this bullying issue may have occurred due to lack of motivation students with behavior issues were getting at the time of their learning. The author predicted in the study that the stability and resistance in bullying and victimization status was enhanced by information about students’ peer group trajectories that were solely based upon classroom engagement and arrangements that were caused by the teacher. These ineffective arrangements prompt students with behavior disorders to enact on mis-behavior activities. From the study, the author suggests that in order for students with BD orient from misbehaving, teachers need to ensure that they implement effective strategies that consist of peer group paths; in which they will be able to detect and explain the emergence of bullying and victimization in middle and ...

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...ucation plans (IEPs), to promote parent involvement in the child’s growth as well as helps the child feel a sense of accomplishment at the completion of each goal; be able to support groups, in which allows peers to serve as support for one another when enhancing one another’s motivational interest; adapt to cooperative learning, which will foster activities that fall under this category move away from teacher-centered, lecture-style classrooms and allow children to be more active throughout the day; sustain a healthy lifestyle, in which will allow children with BD to play outside as much as possible or be creative and design some low-impact physical activities for the classroom; and switch up routines and schedules periodically, which will provide parents with the knowledge that children thrive on routine, that will enhance their motivational interest when learning.

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