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Abortion has been a controversial debatable topic for years. Should women and young teens have the final say in if they feel the need to keep or abort an unwanted baby. In the case Roe v. Wade marked the legalization of abortion by a supreme court, which started the debate over abortion. Educating women and young teens on the dangers of abortion will help them make safe sound decisions on abortion and the many alternatives to consider before aborting a baby. The pros and cons of this debatable topic raises some serious issues of why women and young teens consider abortion to what time frame after conception is the embryo considered a life..
A woman has the right to consider many options of dealing with unplanned pregnancies that may be a final burden they don’t want to take on during a time of hardship. Many women and young teens get pregnant at a time in their lives when they are still maturing and would rather terminate a pregnancy because they feel they are not ready for the added responsibility that a baby brings and want to continue getting an education with ease instead of the stresses of having to juggling on to many responsibilities all at once. “Being a single parent may interrupt careers and the ability to earn wages if complication occurs to take care of the household bills.” (Lowen, 2014). Because we live in a society that judges and places status on people some young mothers avoid becoming young single mothers of not having to deal with parental disapproval. “Lately abortions have been on the decline since the introduction of long-term contraceptives like intrauterine devices and may be also the recent recession and the economy's unpredictability.” (Eckholm, 2014). Thanks to adoption agencies instead of aborting...

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...bama has passed tough restriction bills that would prevent women from being able to abort an unwanted pregnancy six weeks after conception, but only in the case of some serious exceptions.” (Benen, 2014). These bills come with shocking questions that can be argued if the right of women and young teens are denied certain rights under the constitution.
My view when it comes to abortion relates to the situation if severe problems occur that is threatening the life of the expectant mom. In certain issues like when women or young teens are raped they should be given the option to abort the unwanted pregnancy from a criminal act. Women and young teens using abortion as a way to escape responsibilities from immature actions is not right because of adoption agencies that offer services that would place the children with loving families and offer them a chance at life.

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