Essay on Becoming An Orientation Leader?

Essay on Becoming An Orientation Leader?

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1. Please list any organizations, serving learning/volunteer activities, or leadership experiences you have had while at University of the Ozarks. Please also indicate activities you intend to participate in during your job responsibilities as an Orientation Leader.
During my time here at Ozarks, I have been a part of several organizations including Glee Club, Omega - Nu (Nerd) Club, Fortissimo, Campus Activities Board (CAB), and I also act as the Director of Music for KUOZ. However upon becoming an RA or OL, I only intend to participate in Glee Club, Omega-Nu, and CAB if time will allow.
2. Why are you interested in becoming an orientation leader?
One of the things that drew me to Ozarks at the first place is the amazing support I felt coming from the students who guided me while I was here. If I could, I would love to take the opportunity to preserve the same support structure for future students by offering my services.
3. What do you believe is the role of an orientation leader?
The role of an Orientation Leader to help oversee a smooth transition from high school to college life for incoming students and help mentor students in their first official class. Not only that, I believe it’s the job of an orientation leader to create a fun, enriching environment that encourages students to grow and adapt to life at Ozarks.
4. Describe your orientation experience. What was most beneficial? What could have been better? How will you ensure the Class of 2021 has a positive experience?
Orientation before First Week was slightly terrifying. The first thing I remember hearing from President Dunsworth was something to the extent of committing to attend Ozarks was akin to committing to the school for the next 80 years. I immediately began...

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...your work with first year students?
When working with transfer students, it is still crucial to ensure that their transition to life at Ozarks is smooth. While they have experienced college before and have a concept of the responsibilities that come with college life, unlike that of incoming freshman, they do not yet understand how Ozarks operates and can help them achieve their goals, be that a degree or experience different cultures or gain experience. Students’ families and guests would also have to be worked with differently. It’s arguably easier to relate to another student when becoming a part of the close knit community here at Ozarks than it would be to relate to their families or guests. Working with families/guests, it’s imperative to encourage them to view the school, what it has to offer, and that the student they are there to support will be a good fit.

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