Essay on Becoming A Teacher For Elementary Students

Essay on Becoming A Teacher For Elementary Students

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When I was in middle school I never thought that I would be choosing a career that would involve teaching; however, when I was in 9th grade I had an awesome math teacher, Bethany Allen, who would to inspire me to become a teacher. She encouraged and loved her students so well and was always there to help them become the best they could be. Because, of my 9th grade teacher I am trying to become a teacher for elementary students. Becoming a teacher has many high times. For example, when one finally sees a student get the material that they have been struggling with. With all the high times there are many hardships and challenges that a teacher must overcome. After getting a teaching degree teachers must figure out which school will be offering the best pay and benefit for their field of teaching.
Teachers around the United States are not getting paid as much as they should. Many teachers have to work multiple jobs to make a good living. In the Article Economics of Education, it says, “One way that teacher quality might be improved is by altering the pay structure within the teaching...

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