The Debate: Online Learning Versus Brick and Mortar Learning

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Unlike many people who attended college after they graduated from high school I was not one of them. I chose to be a wife and a mother of two; later after my children were grown and my first marriage was over I realized I needed a change. I decided to attend a community college taking the traditional classroom courses. It was a major struggle for me because I was working full-time and part-time jobs while working on an Associates Degree. What should have taken me only two years to complete it took me four because I was not able to work in all the classes needed to graduated in a two year time period my work crazy hours and take care of my family would not allow it. After getting my Associates Degree I knew I wanted to continue my education but traditional classroom learning constraints was not going to work for me. When my daughter started college and I found out that she was taking online courses that was accredited I soon realized this maybe the opportunity I was looking for. I did some research and found an accredited school that offered a Bachelors Degree through online learning. I received my Bachelors Degree and graduated with honors taking online classes in less time than the traditional method of learning. Online courses require self-motivation and discipline in order to be successful. The true benefits of online courses are that you have the flexibility to work them in your life schedule and can take them at your own pace within reason. Therefore from my personal experience I highly support online learning over brick and mortar traditional learning. When I started taking online classes it was because I could not fit a fulltime class load into my fulltime working schedule. It is the convenience of online cl... ... middle of paper ... ... in acquiring a leading corporate position. Is Virtual Online Learning better that Brick and Mortar Learning? One must say for many others and I it has given us an opportunity to equip ourselves with an education and information to make us competitive in the hiring arena. References Bassis, Michael S. (2011). Online Universities Are a Great Study. Retrieved on April 20, 2011 from Cheryl. (2007). Online Education VS. Brick & Mortar Classrooms. Retrieved on April 2011 from Kugler, Logan. (2001-2011). Click vs. Brick Online vs. Traditional Education. Retrieved on April 20, 2011 from
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